Beat Competition 2021

Beat Competition 2021

Welcome to Ohad Nissim Beat competition 2021.
Following the succes of last year beat competitions, I’ve decided to give you some more! 
More music production challenge, more beat making, more pushing and expressing yourself!
The challenge is simple, download the sample from the button on the bottom of the page, make a beat. Simple right?

Why am I doing this? cause I love music and I’m happy to support music producers and music makers.

A few rules to keep it legit:
1. beat must be over 2 minutes.
2. It needs to have a song structure, think something a singer/rapper can go on.
3. I’ve provided a long sample with some variation, you can chop it and use whichever vibe you want.
4. you can pitch, stretch, flip and re-arrange the sample, but, I need to hear something of the original. 
5. One submission per producer! so only upload your best work!
6. Part of my decision will be based on fans opinion, so do share your beat, spread the word, ask your friends to come have a listen and vote!

Prize you’re asking?
This time I’ve decided to do a first and second place.

First place: Free Full EP Analog Mastering (up to 4 songs/tracks)! 
Plus. A full mix and master with a singer on top of his beat (which will find on the next competition).

Second Place: Free One single analog mastering and 50% off on 2 more songs/tracks!

So? Are you ready to show us what you got?

Submitting your beat

Last day to submit a beat is Friday 30,04,2021
Beats that will be sent after this date will 
not be part of the competition!

- Please submit mp3 320kbps or Wav 44.1/24bit
- On the file name state your artist name, email and instagram user, so I can find you easily.
- follow me on Instagram for updates about the competition 
 link at the bottom of the page).

To downlad the sample and upload your beat, please use these buttons:

Good Luck to everyone!
And most importantly, enjoy and be creative!
© 2021 Ohad Nissim. Mastering All rights reserved.