Credit: Yotam Shwartz


NISSIM is a Berlin-based music producer

Originally from the south of Israel, NISSIM started as a DJ and has been making music for over a decade. With a passion for a myriad of musical genres, NISSIM’s love for electronic sounds was ignited by the psychedelic trance music scene of the mid-2000s that would congregate in the secret nature parties he used to organize.

After leaving his home country and roaming Europe’s techno clubs for 12 years, it is a six-hour set by Laurent Garnier at London's The End that NISSIM recalls as a seminal moment in his nascent career as a producer. Enthralled by the power of the Frenchman’s eclectic sound and the way these auditory sensations were moving the crowd, he realized that he wanted to do more than just share other people’s tracks.

Initially producing his tracks with a makeshift setup in his bedroom, NISSIM eventually came into his own after leaving the UK for a city that has long been hailed as the mecca of electronic music. Settling in Berlin in 2013, NISSIM established himself as a mixing and mastering engineer with a studio in the city’s prestigious Funkhaus whilst honing his production skills in these novel urban surroundings steeped in techno history. NISSIM’s music-making journey has been one of exploration and experimentation from the beginning. Combining different production approaches with a mix of genres and concepts, his intuitive production method is the antithesis of the meticulous craft he exerts as a sound engineer. In a continuous quest for a sense of self in his music, NISSIM’s timeless sound is all about capturing moments and emotions. With a creative process that is characterized by single takes, no edits, no boxes, no planning ahead, sparse mixing, deep mastering, and sound design only in the final stages, NISSIM creates cross-genre storytelling musical journeys that want you to get lost within.

During the ebb and flow of 2020, NISSIM has used the industry’s downtime to put his focus towards finishing his first full-length album to be released in early 2021.