My Studio

My Studio is located at the famous ‘Funkhaus’ in Berlin. I will be happy to host you. Carefully designed space with the goal of making it feel warm and homey as much as possible. 
For appointments, please refer to the contact page.

Gear List

Ever changing, I prefer keeping our setup minimal and on point, always looking to perfect our chain with great sounding gear.

ATC SCM 100 ASL Walnut Classic
Lynx Aurora (n) TB
Crookwood C1
Lavry Blue
Thermionic Culture Pheonix MP
Foote Control Systems P3S ME
Maselec MLA-3
Maselec MEA-2
Rupert Neve MBP
Gyraf Audio G23
Waves Maxx BCL

Acoustic design help: Omer Karni
DSP Room Correction - MiniDSP DDRC-88A

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