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Welcome to Ohad Nissim Mastering Studio

It’s all about bringing out the essence of the artist and their music. 

Audio Mastering studio specilizing in HipHop and electronic music, located in Funkhaus Berlin. 
Big love for great sound.

I am a freelance mastering engineer and an electronic music producer.
Connecting an audience with high-quality music, and its makers, has always been at the core of what I do – be it as a passionate music lover, DJ, radio show host, or an audio engineer.

In recent years I am focused more on helping established and young artists polishing their voice, either by mixing feedback or mastering, collaborating through the entire process of their music journey, and helping them find their voice and sound.

Working in the digital and analog domain allows me to stay flexible and cater to everything your project needs.
We will discuss your ideas, vision, and sound, share creative ideas, and mixing tips, so you can get better or expand your knowledge.

For information on how to deliver your mixes or best practices, you can head to the ‘Good To Know’ tab.

I have been mixing and mastering music on multi-genre projects, from hip hop/trap/RNB to electronic music and pop/indie vibes.
I am an easy-going, open-minded guy with love and knowledge for all genres, I’m ready for any challenge or project and can help you take things to the next level.

To check out projects I have mastered, you can go to the ‘Mastered By Me’ tab.

I believe that every project is unique and I am confident we can work out what is best for you, timing and pricing-wise.  So please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may still have. 

Looking forward to having a chat about your project, listen to your music, and taking this musical journey together.
All the best!

Ohad Nissim Mastering
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