Ohad Nissim Music Mixing and Mastering engineer

Who Is Ohad Nissim

Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, iTunes Certifed

A music addict, I have a degree in audio engineering with a strong passion for the music world and contemporary culture. During the past 10 years, I have been working as a music producer and freelance mixing/mastering engineer, constantly expanding my knowledge in the audio industry and networking with people passionate about music from around the globe.
Connecting an audience with high-quality music and its makers has always been at the core of what I do – be it as a music lover, DJ, radio show host or audio engineer.
In recent years I have decided to focus more on helping established and young artists polishing their own voice, either by producing, mixing or mastering, collaborating through the entire process of their music journey and helping them find their voice and sound. I have excellent work ethics and I promise great communication and a friendly and easy going atmosphere throughout the project.
I can help you reach your vision with mixing or bring your music ready for release with mastering.

I am a music producer and a music collector, which helps me identify what's missing in your music in order to bring it to a radio ready release.
Working on Pro Tools, Logic Pro X or Ableton, using UAD plugins and running mixes through my dangerous music summing box, a combination of digital and analog that suits modern days music and adds a shine to old recordings.

Let me help you execute your vision with mixing and production elements, we will discuss your ideas, vision and sound, share creative ideas and mixing tips, so you can get better or expand your knowledge.
I believe that every project is unique and I am sure we can work out what is best for you, timing and pricing wise. Im looking forward to having a chat!

Feel free to contact me if you have a question or just want to have a chat.
All the best!

*I am located in Berlin, Germany or on the WWW waves, don’t let location stop you from reaching your goals, let’s take your music to the next level!

Ohad Nissim


Ohad Nissim, Professional Music Mixing & Mastering Services. Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Music Editing, Production Consulting. Itunes Certified Music Mixing & Mastering Audio Engineer